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The purpose of this project is to create a directory of dental podcasts, resources, guests, and sponsors that can be used to connect people within the dental profession. We accomplish our purpose by providing free guest profiles, free podcast listings, paid spots in a physical interview deck, and a variety of services designed to help creators and entrepreneurs launch their next product, service, or business. 

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Free Guest Profiles

do you want to schedule more interviews with dental podcast hosts?

Dental podcast hosts are always looking for great new guests to interview on their shows. If you have something interesting to share and would like to promote yourself or your business through dental podcasts, we invite you to create a free guest profile on DentalPodcast.org.

Free Podcast Listings

Adding your podcast to our directory is free and easy

Our podcast directory is built to connect podcast creators with new guests who can bring entertaining and valuable content to your show. We also help dentists find new content to consume and would love to include your show in our directory.

Free YouTube Channel Listings

Adding your Youtube channel to our directory is free and easy

Video is incredibly powerful. In fact, many dentists and their team members are learning new techniques for free on YouTube. Our YouTube Channel directory is built to make it easier for dentists to discover great content on YouTube.

Interview Deck

do you want to schedule more interviews with dental podcast hosts?

The Interview Deck is a deck of rack cards sent by mail to dental podcast hosts in January and July each year. The deck includes your name, your pitch, and your contact information. Podcast hosts can then reference the deck as they schedule interviews throughout the year.

Book Launch

Promote Your Book and Expand Your Reach with dental podcasts!

Our book launch service is designed to help authors connect with podcast hosts and build awareness about their recent publication. 

More Coming Soon