Promote Your Book and Expand Your Reach with dental podcasts!

Our mission is to connect people who are trying to make a positive impact in the dental profession. We know that writing a book is a big commitment and we want to make it easy for authors to connect with potential readers. If your book’s audience includes general dentists or hygienists, our book launch service is an efficient way to spread the word about your work.

Why should you promote your book on dental podcasts?

Podcast listeners are an engaged audience eagerly consuming content which makes these listeners an ideal target audience for authors who want to spread the word about their work.
As content marketing has evolved over the last decade, we believe that an effective and important part of a modern marketing strategy for authors is to be interviewed on industry-specific podcasts. If you believe that podcasts can help promote your book, we are here to help connect you to podcast hosts within the dental profession.
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What is Included in the Book Launch?

Landing Page

A strong web presence is essantial to building your brand. Our book launch service includes a dedicated landing page on our site.

Direct Mail Brochure

While we are a technology first company, direct mail to podcast hosts is a powerful and fun way for us to connect with each other so we send a brochure about your book for the hosts to review.


Communicating by email is fast, efficient, affordable, and trackable. We use Mail Chimp to send messages to podcast hosts in our directory so they can learn more about your book.

Video Pitch

Video is a powerful tool and we use it to communicate with hosts. You can send us your own video or we'll record a casual one for you. The video pitch is included in the email we send to hosts announcing your book launch.

A Spot in Our Interview Deck

Being consistent builds trust. When you launch your book with us, your marketing material stands alone, but we want to continue to support you, so the book launch includes a complementary spot in our next interview deck.

A Spot in Our Resource Deck

Podcast hosts are often managing their podcast in addition to their full-time job so they can be short on time. With their busy schedules in mind, we maintain and periodically distribute a list of resources they can pull from when searching for new guests and content.

Do Podcast Hosts Like Your Service?

Actually, they love it. Consistently creating content for a podcast is difficult and time consuming. The purpose of our services are to connect great talent to dental podcast hosts so its easier for them to find the most relevant content for their audiences.

Whether you are just starting out, or have an entire catalog of past podcast interviews, we can help you quickly connect with the professions most influential voices when you need help launching your book.

How Much Does the Book Launch Costs?

The entire book launch package is available for a flat fee of $2,700 which is payable by check or credit card.

Can I See An Example Landing Page?

Absolutely. Click on the button below to view our landing page template. The color used on the landing page is changed to match your book’s cover.

Can I See An Example Brochure?

We have digital and physical examples for your review. Click on the button below to view a mock up of our tri-fold brochure. Physical copies are available by request.

Can I See an Example Email?

Yes you can. We use Mail Chimp as our email marketing software and about 10 days after your email is sent, we provide a full report that outlines its performance.

What Happens if I Don't Land an Interview?

That would be unusual, but if you use our service and do not secure an interview within 6 months, we will refund half (50%) of our service fee, no questions asked.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Click on the button that reads “launch your book with us”, download the PDF worksheet to brainstorm your responses to the information we need. Once you’re ready, return to the book launch page, copy and paste your responses from the PDF worksheet into the form and we’ll be in touch soon.

Questions Before You Buy?

If you have pre-sales questions about our book launch service, complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon.