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Dental podcasts are a powerful medium you can use to establish your business and build trust within our profession.

If you want to land more interviews, we invite you to join the Interview Deck.

The Interview Deck is a deck of rack cards sent by mail to dental podcast hosts in January and August each year. The deck includes your name, your title, your picture, your pitch, and your contact information. Podcast hosts can then reference the deck as they schedule interviews throughout the year.

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Our interview deck is the easiest way to get your name and pitch in front of the majority of dental podcast creators.

pay per click


Whether you are an established business or just starting out, we pride ourselves in offering a cost-effective solution to help you build your brand.

Target audience


The interview deck is physically mailed to more than 85 people who host dental podcasts. This is a highly curated list of influencers who can help accelerate your growth.



We treat your brand with respect. Our decks are professionally designed and printed on premium rack cards with a matte finish and luxury texture.

important deadlines

The deadline for inclusion in the January Interview Deck is December 1st of the prior year.

The deadline for inclusion in the August Interview Deck is June 15th of the current year.

Did you miss a deadline?

If you missed a deadline to join the January or July interview deck, we recommend reserving a spot in the next deck now. If you are ready to launch a new business, product, or service soon, we we can make a dedicated mailer just for you to promote your new project. Click on the button below to learn more about our project launch service.

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