Our Profession Needs This Tool and We Need You To Make it Happen...

Creating a centralized database of dental practices that are for sale nationwide is a big project.

Today, practice listings are fragmented and difficult to find. Nobody has developed a solution to connect buyers, sellers, and brokers at the national level, similar to the real-estate websites we have grown accustomed to. We believe that finding a practice should be as easy as finding a home, and we have built the tools to do it.

The first step we need to take to solve this problem is to assemble a database of dentists who are interested in acquiring a practice.

This is the greatest challenge associated with the project. What comes first, dentists or practices? We decided that in order to make this project work, we need dentists to take the first step. So we are making account registration for early adopters free forever.

What Does Free Forever Mean?

Free forever means that you can grab a lifetime account and never pay us a dollar.


What Happens When It's Not Free?

Account registration for dentists will never be free forever again, but if you sign up now, you’ll never lose your account or be charge to explore our site as a prospective buyer.

After we close the window for forever free account registration, account registration for dentists will never be free forever again, but it will always be almost free at $12 a year.


Why Plan to Charge Dentists?

The annual fee will reduce duplicate accounts, eliminate spam, and keep our database clean and accurate. Simply put, if you are not looking to buy a practice, there will be no reason to pay the $12 and keep your account active, which is better for everyone because it reduces our server requirements, reduces our administrative burden, and a clean database of buyers eliminates unnecessary notifications from being sent.