Finding a Practice Should be as Easy as Finding a Home

Finding a dental practice to buy can be very difficult because a centralized database that makes searching for a practice at a national level does not exist.

Selling a dental practice is often difficult because there are no centralized databases of prospective buyers to advertise a listing to.

The fragmentation of data within our profession makes the process of practice sales and acquisitions expensive and time-consuming for all parties involved. The team at DentWoo determined that the profession needs a cost-effective, elegant, and easy-to-use solution so we built the same features you expect to use when searching for a home and applied them to dental practices. The result is a database that makes it easier for dentists to find, buy, and sell practices.

The platform offers dentists a convenient way to search for and find a dental practice for sale on an interactive map, while also offering an elegant and cost-efficient platform for brokers to list their practice that includes built-in proximity notifications.

To get started, tell us who you are by clicking on a listing type below. If you’re interested in learning more about the platform, scroll down.

We’d love for you to take our site for a spin. Since the majority of dental practice sales are strictly confidential, the practices listed for sale in our directory are not accessible to the public.
The only people who can see the practices for sale on our website are verified users. These users include brokers, dentists, and dental students.
Brokers are able to create their own accounts and they’re paying customers whose identity is verified by our team.
On the front end, dentist and dental student profiles appear anonymous to both the public and to brokers. The reasons for this is that a dentist who is looking for a practice is likely an associate and may not want their desires to own a practice broadcast to their employer. While their profiles appear anonymous on the front end of our website, they are not anonymous to us on our end. To register on our site, dentists must provide their name, license number, and state. Dental students must provide their name and a copy of their student ID.
Both dentists and dental students are verified by our team before they can gain access to the site.



DentWoo Supports 3 Practice Transitions Listing Types


All of the dentist who are registered on our website appear as blue circles on the map.


All of the practices listed for sale on our website are highlighted by our map icon.


Brokers can upload a custom icon that reinforces their brand.