This is Where you Type Your Headline

This is where you type your press release in full. We recommend that you write your press release in your favorite word processor and we discourage styling the press release with headings, fonts, bullet points, and any other markup that is not plain test. The reason that we discourage styling is when converting this text into a post, much of your styling will be removed. Then, when we export the post into the software we use to manage our newsletters (MailChimp), any styles that remains may not be displayed as you intended.

Furthermore, this process is mostly automated. We will see your submission on our end as you type it here, but once you hit submit, and we click approve, it automatically becomes a post, and once this press release becomes a post, it’s automatically generating a campaign in MailChimp, and once it’s in MailChimp it’s scheduled by default to send during our next PR run.

So we want you to keep a few things in mind.

First, write your press release in plain text.

Second, you must remember to include your contact name and email address in this field because this is the text that is sent by email to editors.

If you forget to include your contact information here, even though you have provided it in the form fields during submission, the recipients of your email will not know how to connect with you.