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If landing more interviews on dental podcasts is an important part of your marketing strategy, we can help.

Dental podcast hosts are always looking for great new guests to interview on their shows. If you have something interesting to share and would like to promote yourself or your business through dental podcasts, we invite you to create a free guest profile on

Frequently Asked Questions

Are guest profiles free?

Basic Guest profiles are a completely free service that we offer to industry experts. Our mission is to make it easier for dental podcast hosts to create their best work. An important part of creating a great podcast is connecting with other leaders in the dental industry who can entertain and educate an audience.

While most users find the features we provide in the basic tier sufficient, user feedback has led to us developing two premium tiers for power users. The middle tier is for professional speakers, and the top tier is educators.

Can I delete my profile?

Absolutely. If at any time you want to delete your profile, simply sign into your account and delete the listing. If you need assistance, open a support ticket and we will guide you through the process.

How are guest profiles promoted?

Podcast hosts frequently ask us for people we recommend interviewing on their platforms and we direct them to our guest profile database.

Do you offer any other services to help promote my brand?

We would love to help you build your brand or business using dental podcasts. If you want to get your name, pitch, and contact information in front of as many podcast hosts in an efficient and affordable way, consider purchasing a slot in our biannual interview deck.

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