Group Description

The mission of this group is to help dentists transition financially to their post-clinical lives.

This group is for dentists who want education and information on the big questions related to their money as they leave clinical dentistry, such as:


  1. Do I have enough?
  2. How do I avoid paying the IRS more than its fair share?


It's also a place for dentists who've already left clinical to share their experiences and stories for the benefit of others.

“Retirement” from clinical might mean a traditional retirement near social security age. But the term may also include dentists leaving practice to continue working in non-clinical setting.

The long-term vision is that the qualitative aspects of retirement will also eventually be shared here as well. But the focus will be money topics initially, as the founder of this group (Shawn Terrell) runs a financial planning practice for dentists (Dentist Exit Planning), and that’s his area of expertise.


Shawn Terrell

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