Are you a professional speaker?

In addition to helping dental content creators with our free guest profiles, we also want to help professional speakers build an online profile that’s easily accessible to dentists, study club organizers, and event planners to showcase the speaker’s work.

The professional speaker profile in the dental podcast directory is intended to be a supplement to our complimentary guest profiles and not a replacement.

The speaker profiles allow speakers to upload a highlight real, link their profile to videos and presentations they have added to our video directory, and most importantly, be found on an interactive map intended for study club organizers and event planners to search for speakers in close proximity to an event venue.

These profiles in combination with our video and presentation directory can be incredibly powerful tools to grow your brand and increase your reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are speaker profiles free?

No. Speaker profiles are priced at $99 a year. While our guest profiles are free, and always will be, our speaker profiles offer a more robust feature set, can be connected to videos, presentations, and CE courses in our directory and are intended to help event planners find speakers through an interactive map.

Can I delete my profile?

Absolutely. If at any time you want to delete your profile, simply sign into your account and delete the listing and cancel your annual subscription. If you need assistance, open a support ticket and we will guide you through the process.

can I cancel my subscription

Yes. We don’t believe in contracts, so you can cancel your subscription anytime and receive a prorated refund. No questions asked, but we hope we can still be friends.

Do you offer placement services?

No, we are not an agency and do not intend to function like one. Our mission is to build tools for the profession that help connect people who are making an impact.

Put simply, there already are teams dedicated to helping speakers secure engagements and our team is not one of them. Our intent is to help you grow your brand and your reach by organizing content in a way that makes it easy for dentists and their teams to find that content and grow their practices.

Do you offer any other services to help promote my brand?

We would love to help you build your brand or business using our directory. Scroll up to our main menu and select the “Services” drop down menu. There you’ll find a list of services including our book launch, CE course launch, and interview deck.

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