Tracking and logging of exercises

The app allows users to record and track their exercise activities

Nutritional tracking

The app allows users to track their food intake and monitor their calories

Challenge friends

Users can challenge friends to fitness challenges to compete

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Content Carousel Widget for Elementor?

With the Content Carousel Widget, you can customize the layout and design of your carousel, including the number of slides, the transition speed, and the navigation arrows. It is a versatile widget that can be used to display various types of content, such as posts, images, and more.

What are some uses of dynamic content with the Content carousel widget?

Dynamic custom fields allow you to display content that changes based on the custom field values of your posts. For example, you can use dynamic custom fields to display posts based on the price range, location, or availability of products on your website. You can also use dynamic custom fields to display posts that are related to a specific category or tag

What type of filters can I use with the Content Carousel widget?

You can use the search filter to allow users to search for specific content within the Carousel. Additionally, you can use the pagination option to display a limited number of posts at a time and allow users to navigate through the pages of results.

Can I combine multiple filters and sorting options in the Content Carousel Widget?
Yes, you can combine multiple filters and sorting options in the Content Carousel widget for Elementor.  To combine multiple filters and sorting options, you can use the Advanced Query feature in the Content Carousel widget. This feature allows you to create complex queries to filter and sort your content based on a range of criteria, such as post type, category, tag, author, date, and more.
Can i use sync or remote features with Content Carousel?

Sure, you can create advanced layouts by syncing two or more item based widgets.

Can I Show an ACF Repeater field with a Carousel in Elementor?

Yes, you can show an ACF repeater field with a carousel in Elementor. Utilize the Repeater widget in Elementor, assign the ACF field group, customize the layout, and publish the page or template. This allows you to display dynamic content in a visually appealing carousel format.