A New Year, a New Mission, a New Name

Today, we have officially changed the domain name of the Dental Podcast Directory from DentalPodcast.org to DentWoo.com.

The rebrand of our directory to DentWoo in 2023 better positions our team to expand our offerings from a simple directory for dental podcasts to a robust directory of all-things dentistry.

Our mission is expanding to help our professions most influential voices connect and collaborate using any platform of their choice. It is our intention to create searchable databases of Podcast Hosts, Guests, Speakers, Videos, Presentations, YouTube Channels, Facebook Groups, CE courses, and Podcast Episodes. Since the scope of our directory includes much more than podcasts, it became apparent that a rebrand was necessary and we are thrilled to have taken this step today.

Thank you for all of your support over the last eight years, this website would have never been possible without the support of the dental podcast community. We hope that the new brand, our big vision, and our team can help accelerate your brands growth in the years to come.