Radiographic Interpretation for the Dental Hygienist


Give your students the most comprehensive, thorough education on radiographic interpretation! Speifically tailored for the dental hygienist, this text arms your students with the skills to recognize and accurately interpret radiographs.
Unique in its depth and breadth of coverage,, RADIOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION FOR THE DENTAL HYGIENIST uses line drawings and dental radiographs to illustrate restorations, dental materials and foreign objects, dental caries, periodontal disease, trauma, pulpal and periapical lesions and more. Also covers film mounting and viewing, film exposure, processing, and technique errors.
Heavily illustrated sections strongly emphasize normal anatomy on periapical and panoramic films - so students will easily recognize abnormalities!

Author Information

By Joen Iannucci, DDS, MS, Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Division of Dental Hygiene, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH and Laura Jansen Lind, RDH, MS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry, Section of Primary Care/Oral Radiology Group, The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, Columbus, OH

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