Introduction to Dental Materials


This book comes with an on-line self-assessment tool - perfect for undergraduate revision and exam preparation!.

It is essential that dentists have a sound understanding of the principles underlying the selection and use of the materials they rely upon for restorative procedures. Rapid changes in material science, however, ensure that the typical lifespan of a dental material can be as little as three years before it is superseded by another one. As such, all practitioners need to be constantly up-to-date with developments to be able to assess the potential of new materials – a situation that requires a thorough understanding and appreciation of the composition, chemistry and properties of the materials they work with.

Now in its 4th edition, this highly successful textbook continues to present dental material science in an accessible, easy-to-read format perfectly tailored to the needs of the busy dental student. Rich with line artworks, ‘pull-out’ boxes and ample use of photographs and tables, Introduction to Dental Materials covers the basic science, clinical dental materials and laboratory materials used in the construction of fixed and removable prostheses.

New to this edition

Accompanied by an ALL NEW ON-LINE SELF-ASSESSMENT MODULE to provide essential exam practice for all BDS candidates and those taking equivalent exams
Includes updated coverage of recent developments in dental biomaterials, including endodontic materials, digital impressions and a useful new chapter on nanotechnology in dentistry

Reflects the growing need to be aware of the safety aspects of dental materials and the care that has to be taken when sourcing materials from across the world

Fully updated and now published in full colour throughout!

Key Features

Characterized by an accessible and friendly style, providing ‘need to know’ information only – perfect for the busy student!
Rich with pull-out boxes, tables, line artworks and photographs

Helps the reader recall the underlying basis of the subject – essential facts relating to chemical bonding, metals, ceramics and polymers

Ideal preparation for clinical practice - equips the reader with the information required to safely assess the potential of new dental materials

Explains the terminology used in the description of material behaviour

Explores the use of clinical dental materials including resin bonding to enamel and dentine, impression materials, the principles of adhesion as well as issues relating to pulpal protection and the use of post-core endodontic systems

Describes the use of laboratory and related dental materials to enable better communication with the laboratory team

Author Information

By Richard Van Noort, BSc, DPhil, DSc, FAD, FRSA, Richard van Noort, BSc, DPhil, DSc, FAD, Emeritus Professor of Dental Materials Science, University of Sheffield, UK

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