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As a practicing dentist, you want to have time to enjoy your life outside of work, and hit your financial goals to live well, provide for your loved ones, and eventually retire comfortably.

Unfortunately, most are stuck working long hours practicing as their sole source of income, and hoping that their nest egg in the stock market will be enough to meet their future financial needs.

But if you don't know how to earn passive income and invest outside of Wall Street first, you will be spending long hours for years, maybe decades, delay retirement, and be stuck at work and not have the free time to enjoy life.

This bonus webinar explains how you can get started earning passive income and accelerating your wealth by investing in real estate.

Video contents:

1:16 - My story on why I got started investing in real estate

6:56 - The Value of Your Working Time

9:21 - Why the average dentist does not get rich and is stuck in the hamster wheel.

18:21 - How relying on Wall Street and the stock market is not enough.

30:15 - The Cash Flow Quadrant and Why real estate has historically been a wealth builder for the ultra rich.

42:02 - The different ways you can invest in real estate, both actively and passively and how you can get started.

54:02 - Specific examples on how you can replace your income by earning passively from real estate.

1:11:37 - The results I have gotten so far in 3 short years.

1:16:43 - Resources to get started.

1:20:20 - Question and answer session


It doesn't matter where you are in your career right now. If you are getting started, or are later in your career, investing in real estate can help you achieve your financial goals, and give you back your most valuable asset, your time.


Free resources:

My primer on how you can get started investing in real estate

Free e-book on how you can replace your income by investing passively in real estate

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