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The Business of Happiness

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When you feel good, you do good, in business, in medicine and dentistry, and in life. We can be better and have a greater impact on the lives of others when we align our intentions and our actions with inner fulfillment. The Business of Happiness Podcast ignites the conversation of redefining our definition of success and how to find happiness in our work and, ultimately, in our lives. I am Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy and for the first two decades of my career I reveled in culturally recognizable success and drowned myself in personal turmoil and depression. Since then, I have embarked on a quest for greater purpose and joy in business, in dentistry, and in life. Welcome to the conversation as each week we discuss how to strive for true happiness. Together we will adventure to discover the secretes to finding true purpose and impact and to redefine our understanding pf success. This is The Business of Happiness.

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