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Life Interrupted, Dr Dua's Survival Guide Podcast companion

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Welcome to the podcast companion for the book Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua's Survival Guide. The book is a series of blogs which were written by my late younger brother, Dr. Manu Dua, as he battled metastatic cancer at age 34. After Manu battled multiple cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, cancer radiation treatment, immunotherapy, he learnt how to speak again, how to eat, how to swallow, how to chew, how to walk, at the time of a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19.

And somewhere, amidst all the pain, loss, and despair, he found the peace and happiness that he had not attained while he was healthy. He learnt from his mistakes, fought fear, found beauty in small things, wisdom in parents, and never lost hope.

Never did he question his fate nor stop fighting.

I am his sister and your host, Dr. Parul Dua Makkar. Manu died before this book or podcast could reach you. But it was his hope to help you see that even in the worst of times and under the worst of circumstances, the human mind, body, and soul, have a remarkable capacity to heal. That we are more powerful than we can ever imagine.

Thank you for being here, please enjoy!

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