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Dentist Exit Planning helps dentists leaving clinical build their financial treatment plan for life after dentistry.

More specifically, we help lower your lifetime tax bill and replace clinical and owner income so you can keep living the lifestyle you love.

We answer the two big questions for late-career dentists: 

  1. Do I have enough?
  2. How do I avoid paying the IRS more than its fair share?

If you're leaving clinical in the near future, we'll help you understand the big pieces of your retirement, and present your options for how to proceed.


Investment philosophy, tax strategy, retirement income planning, and social security timing are among the topics covered… plus anything else we find relevant to you.


You’ll get educated to make an informed decision about leaving clinical. You’ll get clarity on where you are today, action steps for the next 12 months, and learn other variables to consider in the decades to come.


This is your Financial Treatment Plan for Retirement.


** If you've already left clinical, we offer you a second opinion on your current retirement plan.



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