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We are always looking for great people to share our growth with. Affiliates for our directory earn a commission if a client they send us purchases one of our products or services.

Our current service offerings include the interview deck and a direct mail campaign for launching a new product or service. Both services pay a 10% commission to our affiliates when one of their clients converts to a sale.

What is unique about our program is that you earn a commission for the life of the customer. That means, if you send someone to our site who creates a free guest profile or lists their podcast with us, their account is assigned to you. If and when that prospect decides to take action and purchase a spot in our interview deck or launch a product with us, you will earn a 10% commission (regardless of how long ago the client became a user on our website).

Important details about our affiliate program...​

Commission Rate

Affiliates earn a 10% commission when a user linked to their affiliate account purchases one of our products or services.

Lifetime Association

When you refer a client to our website and they create an account in our directory, their account is linked to your affiliate account for life.

Built in Funnel

The way we capture leads is simple and free. Prospects for our products and services are asked to create a free account to either list their dental podcast or create their guest profile.

Transparent Dashboard

You have access to a comprehensive dashboard with real-time accuracy that allows you to generate unique URLs and track the performance of your campaigns.

Annual Payouts

Payments are distributed at the end of each calendar year. We use PayPal to distribute payments so there's no need for routing and account numbers.

Natural Fit

It's not easy to monetize your dental podcast, but we are here to help. With uniqure prizes, a tight knit community, and a passion for our profession, we are here to help you grow.

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